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the slut boat

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hey, le recuerdo.... [24 Sep 2005|10:32am]
1. en un punto usted era uno de mis mejores amigos y consideraba el moverme más cercano a usted y usted tiene gusto de púrpura.
2. las canciones del kinney del sleater
3.i'd apenas cuelgan algo hacia fuera con usted y hablan
4.me que dice a "muchacho con el sombrero de la albóndiga" en el teléfono
5.talking con usted en la computadora, por supuesto, o más como mí que le hace charla yo.
6. ratón muy hiperactivo a que funcionó
7.¿remember ausente cuando hablábamos mucho?
8.¿are usted que va ahora a hacer esto? lo dudo.
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the fictional accounts of steve gonski appreciation society [29 Jun 2004|08:30pm]
i'm in a summer class right now. for this class i have to create a blog. this blog must have a topic/theme/purpose, and must be regularly updated. i have decided that my blog will be the home of the fictional accounts of steve gonski appreciation society. there, i will post a nightly fictional account of steve gonski. i encourage all of you to participate through the comments section, whether by just commenting on the day's fictional account of steve gonski, or by posting yr own fictional account of steve gonski in the comments section. and we will all be honored if/when steve gonski himself participates in the action. anyways, if/when you do comment/post, don't do anything too vulgar, not while i'm being evaluated for the class anyway. shitwords and fuckwords are fine, but use with discretion. my prof is very easy-going and relaxed about such things, but it is for a class after all. at least for the next 2 weeks. anyway, here's where to go: www.livejournal.com/users/stevegonski

thank you.
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[08 Jun 2004|04:52pm]
listening to new sonic youth record while reading robert quine's obituary.
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[03 Jun 2004|04:48pm]
the rabbits outside are hopping over each other.
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[11 May 2004|03:08pm]
i will kill you if you cry
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[29 Apr 2004|10:32am]
sleater-kinney in nyc tuesday easy and relaxed. lots of jamming and swinging. moments of intensity, but mostly loose on the whole. janet was good, carrie swinging and jumping everywhere, corin hollering and missing cues. i'd never seen them mess up before, so my 9th s-k live experience will be remembered as the one where they jammed alot and corin goofed up three songs, which is fun. she waited too late to start singing "turn it on," skipped a whole part of "oh," and forgot how to play "good things." never saw them play that one before, extra nice. a good last song of encore. fun to watch them interact, laughing when someone goofs instead of getting pissed off.
there were three new songs. two similar to "one beat" stuff, a little dirtier. the other new song was easily 10 minutes long with several distinct parts, very discordant and atonal, coring shrieking and screeching more than singing, lots of weird guitar solos from carrie. definitely nothing like any previous s-k song. looking forward to round 2 in philly tonight.
nyc 4/27 setlist kinda in order
words and guitar
stay where you are
little babies
the drama you've been craving
one beat
new song
turn it on
get up
step aside
10 minute new song
dig me out
new song

end of you
yr no rock n roll fun
hollywood ending
rebel girl cover
good things
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[27 Apr 2004|10:44am]
nets and spurs made second round. good. work done much of sunday night and monday morning not actually due til next week. eh. lectured mass media class and made them watch portions of both "ringu" and "the ring." good. nice and breezy. good. johnny "guitar" watson at 75 mph. very good. tonight is solo flight to nyc for maximum riffage, aka going alone to the plaza of irving maroon for sleater-kinney. deluxe.
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[24 Apr 2004|11:20am]
i am happy that i can sleep 4.5 hours and feel well rested. hockey is for idiots. the lakers lost, and that is always good. commercials with vlade divac writing love letters are always good. i love only steve gonski. the new jersey motor vehicle services have rejected my heave ho. my school's accounting department mailed a reimbursement check owed to me to my old apartment, though they were explicitly directed to mail it to mother's house. becuz, like hockey fans, they are idiots. the current residents of my old apartment forged my signature and cashed the check. becuz, like most persons, they are 100% pure pieces of shit. i am now down $58 and mulling over who dies first. nearly got in a street altercation with gnarly dudes who aimed to hit a turkey with their truck. turkey got away. millville's one non-scenic/architectural good quality is that there are now almost as many wild turkeys as there are squirrels (at 11:49am, i have already seen 3 in 3 different parts of town).
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[03 Feb 2004|09:54am]
stand back, i'm bout to get these pastels all over ye face.
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[02 Feb 2004|06:14pm]
well i went to the store and i bought some panthers in a coffee can.
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[29 Jan 2004|11:24am]
you can rearrange the letters in "elk vagina" to spell "lava in keg."
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dude [29 Jan 2004|10:18am]
my only plans for today are to get high and fuck. i look around me and i see trouble and homework, and it makes me want to get high and fuck. i mean, i could be a constructive person and actually do something useful with my ass besides take dick. but nar, i'll be 23 with a cigarette and wait around all day for the next possible time for me to get high and/or fuck. oh... wait... there it is. dude, thanks for the coke. ok, now fuck me, i'm speaking in spanish.
mis únicos planes para deberán obtener hoy alto y joder. yo me echo una mirada alrededor y yo veo el problema y los deberes, y me hace quiero obtener alto y joder. significo, podría ser una persona contructiva y hacer verdaderamente algo útil con mi como además toma dick. pero nar, yo seré 23 con un cigarrillo y la espera alrededor de todo el día para el tiempo luego posible para míObtenga alto y/o joda. ah... la espera... allí es. petimetre, Gracias para el coque. bueno, ahora me jode, hablo en el español.
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i aspire to dick [27 Jan 2004|11:09am]
today i am moving. i've decided i've had enough of this, and i'm moving. i'm going to go back to my mother's house right now and packing my things. and then i'm going to get on a bus and move. to you. i am moving into you. i'm not even going to bother tranlating this into spanish. now i am. go suck a dick.
soy hoy moviéndose yo he decidido que he tenido bastante de esto, y soy moviéndose yo voy a ir de nuevo a la casa de mi madre ahora y embalando mis cosas y entonces voy a conseguir en un autobús y a moverme. a usted me estoy moviendo en usted que no soy el ir uniforme a incomodar el tranlating de esto en el español ahora i am. voy aspiro a dick.
am today moving I I have decided that I have had enough of this, and am moving I am going to go again to the house of my mother now and packing my then things and I am going to obtain in a bus and to move to me. to you I am moving in you that I am not uniform to go to incomodar tranlating of this in Spanish now i a.m. I go I aspire to dick.

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[22 Jan 2004|02:45pm]

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

and boy did that tangerine give me some kinda gas
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[23 Oct 2003|07:08am]
i've never been the biggest elliot smith fan, but when someone who does something true and honest with their art dies, especially in such a fucked up way, it messes me up.
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freee suicidess [09 Oct 2003|11:23am]
[ mood | yes ]


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[01 Oct 2003|10:41am]
i am gathering sweet. if i do not like yr voice or yr song, i can put on another record or skip to the next song. such is yr life.


voices of hestron. he will grow in mass, except his arms, which will grow into computerized rifles, and he will be HESTRON.
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Get after of the Murderer Tomatoes [16 Sep 2003|02:40pm]
[ mood | Succulent threat! ]

When does I plant stone at my yard , I trust does the stop at plant that sprout by they May entity rise transcendent both murder. I trust they May entity drop descendant airplane both chopper , sabotage question foreign , vault does the stop at reverence teenage ( both rug rats ), mutilate both tamper rug rats sometime bmx reunion , both wring Russian gymnastics. A clock does the stop at film Get after of the Murderer Tomatoes , I've in the end train does the stop at rife abide by both potential that lies standby at my hold in fee personal void nor unclean.

YEP , tomatoes pop descendant chopper! Loop , highest forward , fiery tomato covered chopper nor quietus! Rage tomatoes , scum at does the stop at bed sheet , selection Coptic raised does the stop at flip sort of findings small boogers on the window of the scent nor Satan! Whopper lush round nor murderer swamp chopper un one's wrong sexual report smelling off does the stop at hanger with does the stop at meat of the meat roast! Ruthless fruit! Inept wind fowl! quietus smelling off does the stop at hanger with does the stop at meat of the meat roast O'S , does the stop at threat!

Through severity conversely nor , Get after of the Murderer Tomatoes it's a smart retract whereof pass when does crooked alert vegetable literally check themselves up disconnected does the stop at terrace both beginning combatants. Get after star Jim O’Rourke nor Sonic Youth sort of Stonemason Dixon ( o's Dixton o's Nixon hinge on on what selective one's hearing her IS ), a pensioner DESK MAIN NOR WIT wiry call up in the rear inasmuch tub running inasmuch struggle does the stop at threat. O'S does the stop at neither a threat , by wee on the film Ari Fleischer ( player not occupied neither Charlatan Torpedo ) sure a stuff nor reporter that yet does the stop at a of the bloody chopper on the way , thither she is no kidding neither true murderer tomato threat.

Threat o's her doesn't threaten Dixon stumble around does the stop at outdoors with nor he cohort , a keyed up both sunburnt strain controlling ( player by a Blaze industrial vacuum cleaner ). Does the stop at second she is apparently dare being investigating does the stop at murderer tomato neither a threat , sole in reality dispassionate hack around zip jolly , both occasionally squeal at does the stop at “nice besiege female newsreporter ( player not occupied January Hook ), who is he it supporter Dixon both approve have sex with does the stop at keyed up sunburnt strain train Blaze industrial vacuum cleaner.

Yet does the stop at a nor this , does the stop at stellar pull not occupied remove nor Get after of the Murderer Tomatoes she is Adolf Hitler with actor protagonist thus a African American police. There us view does the stop at width both slack nor Hitler’s take attitude : nor he novice take nor a throw down the gauntlet screenplay , nor he spacious rouse range , nor he impeccable quizzical measurement of the time , both nor he response inasmuch nor he substantial mindedness party. This is does the stop at role that somber he a Better Side Actor Oscar , in the end , on 1980. On infernal.

What a door handle in the end nor Get after of the Murderer Tomatoes it's a ache by a sequel , Revenge of the Somnambulistic Chopper Get after does the stop at Murderer Tomatoes. yep Reanimated chopper stiff damp does the stop at murderer tomatoes , tenuous with murderer both wax , un one's vain metal meat! Murderer tomatoes , throat with steel , slower not occupied throat both spooky retwist both shrewd on turnover rankle chopper took! O'S likable deputy! Succulent threat!

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I cover myself in the renovation and the rust. [16 Sep 2003|02:03pm]
[ mood | ham-Hamburg ]

In my city there is a lake low in this lake rests my house. I am into this house in 1966. within my house went in a large drum collection and a collection still larger alkoholisiertes beverage. I like my house. I had lived there during 37 years, and I had drunk the full time.

If I am outwardly the lawns begiessend, I sing. The things unite mark become wild, and I carry bathing clothes. I cover myself in the renovation and the rust. If I upset ham-Hamburg, I keep the pipe in my left hand upright. It requires the fire section, if I am fallen on my concrete common deer. I was spurred, in order to be based me on the living piece sofa. I did not carry a shirt.

I usually sleep in a violet colored bed. The past night I dreamed that I am put up the statue of the liberty and outside of its eye am fallen. I reached it to unload unscathed unhurt and. Those roast apples, which were I étées possession, always in their cup; none had far flown. Those, which I had eaten, had even returned to the cup in their not eaten form. I have my trousers correct me on my role shoes strengthened and went to the house. If I arrived there, I rose in the living piece sofa. I woke myself on my violet colored bed.

This morning I found a new coat in the cabinet. It was fallen asleep. I placed it above without it to wake and went in the office. I began to type this editorial. Cliquer of the keyboard woke the new coat. It began at more pleurnicher. I perforated the coat again at the sleep. I typed further this editorial. I now terminates this editorial tapping.

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my great port of the chest fiancèe rican [07 Sep 2003|04:09pm]
[ mood | huggi ]

es domingo. es 5:03pm. que es exterior absolutamente magnífico. me estoy sentando adentro dentro de la habitación de las publicaciones dentro de la oficina avant solamente.

¿dónde el infierno es mi puerto grande del pecho novia rican?

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